Our pressure-treated products come protected from insects and fungal decay.The treatment is highly effective in keeping the structure strong, but will need topping up over time to keep the wood in optimum condition. 
Your shed must be treated within 6 months of purchase and then every 6 to 12 months to activate your 10 year anti rot guarantee and protect your shed from the weather also ensuring it's watertight.

Please note - All of our products must be installed on a level solid base, the usual but not limited to methods are either concrete, paving slabs (flags), a wooden frame. If your base is not level or not suitable any warranties are voided.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
All our sheds come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, this begins upon delivery of the shed.
This covers against any faults or defects in the workmanship or serious timber defects for a period of 12 months.
Please note your garden building must also be treated to activate this.

Some of our sheds may require guttering due to the large amount of water falling to the rear panel that may cause water to soak into the unit.

Please note timber is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some movement, warping and splitting, particularly in extreme weather conditions. This will not affect the structural integrity of the product – this is natural and is not covered by a guarantee.

ensure you have enough space for the footprint of the building, as well as room for any overhangs, and space to carry out maintenance work, and for air flow round the sides. Adequate airflow around the building will help keep it dry and damp free.

The guarantees will be deemed invalid if;

The product has not been treated after delivery/assembly (internally and externally) and treated annually (internally and externally) thereafter with an appropriate high-quality preservative

The product has been customised or adapted in any way.

At any point after assembly the building has been in contact with any trees, plants or exterior walls which could allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

Any timber has been cut, pierced, or drilled without a subsequent application of approved cut-end treatment.

The roofing felt or covering has been damaged and left unrepaired.