With their sleek, contemporary style and practical design, Pent Sheds offer an excellent alternative to traditional apex sheds.

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    Apex sheds are named after the shape of the roof in comparison to the standard pent shed. How you use your shed can play an important factor in the choice you make.

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    Bike Sheds are an attractive and reliable feature for any garden. Lockable double doors ensure the shed is secure and that your bike and possessions are kept safe.

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About Rhino Sheds

Looking for a durable and long-lasting shed that can withstand the test of time? Look no further than Rhino Sheds! Unlike other suppliers, we refuse to compromise on quality by building insubstantial and budget-friendly flat-pack units with a short lifespan. Our sheds are built strong and fully pressure-treated, offering better long-term value for your money.

Built for Comfort and Durability

At Rhino Sheds, we believe in building sheds that not only last but also provide comfort. That's why we ensure that the height at the lowest part of the building is not less than 70" unless otherwise requested. Our sheds are built using 15mm finished overlap pressure-treated boards, which are thicker than the 12mm thick shiplap used by other suppliers.

We also use pressure-treated framing timber instead of dipping or painting it. This ensures that the wood lasts longer and can withstand the elements. The flooring we fit is 18mm thick as standard, with 2" x 1.5" bearers that raise the unit 2" off the ground to help with water drainage.

Customisable and Built to Your Specifications

At Rhino Sheds, we don't build our sheds on a jig, which means we can build your shed to almost any size. You can also request any placement for your door and windows. Contact us today for a quote, and we'll work with you to build the perfect shed that meets your needs.